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Russell Brunson has just released his latest training – DotComSecretsX and he has issued a 30 day challenge to anyone trying to make money online. Even though I have quite a bit of experience online I decided to take the DotComSecretsX 30 day challenge and keep track of both the program and my progress here for you to see!

What Is DotComSecretsX

Russell Brunsons newest coaching program DotComSecretsX is a complete, look over the shoulder, step by step, day by day training training program to take you from a complete newbie to making money and having an email list in under 30 days and the best part is you can get instant access to this 30 day training for only $1 and Russell donates that to charity! Sound interesting then read on.

Once you register and login to the members area the first thing you will notice is the enormous amount of information. In fact there is probably too much in my opinion. I know people want value for money and expect lots of bonus’s but when you’re paying $1 for access to 30 days of day by day training, that on its own should be seen as incredible value. I think the trick here is to almost ignore everything except for the 30 days of training. I mean seriously, isn’t that why you joined DotComSecretsX – for the training? Well if it is then just head straight to the Daily Coaching tab.


DotComSecretsX Members Home Page

The Members Page Of DotComSecretsX

Showing That I’m logged In

The DotComSecretsX Daily Training

Once you’ve clicked on the Daily Training tab inside DotComSecretsX you will see little links to click on – Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 etc. So, obviously to get started click on Day 1.

Each days training is provided in video format that streams online. There is no downoad ability for the videos but they do stream very quickly without any lag issues, even on my not very good internet connection here in the country.

Heres an example of what you get in Day 1

The DotComSecretsX Day 1 training is split into 25 small bite size pieces of training

  • Welcome
  • What is DotComSecretsX
  • Your Blueprint For Success
  • Daily Sketch Part 1
  • Daily Sketch Part 2
  • DCSX and YOU Giving Back
  • How To Make Money FAST!
  • The 4 Simple Steps
  • Step #1 Setup Your Accounts
  • Clickbank Contracts
  • How To Setup Your CB Contracts
  • Step #2 Setup Your Autoresponder
  • Step# 3 Setup Your Squeeze Page
  • 3 Types Of Squeeze Pages
  • DCSX Squeeze Pages
  • Butterfly Squeeze Page
  • 90 Second Squeeze Page
  • For Example…
  • The Landing Page Copy
  • How DO I Make MOney?
  • Step #4 Start Getting Traffic
  • The Next 3 Phases
  • Other “Interesting Stuff” About DotComSecretsX
  • DotComSecretsX Facebook Group
  • Homework For Today

Hows that for a list and thats just Day 1! But don’t panic it nots going to take you hours and hours to go through it. Russells style is not to waffle on and give you 30 minutes of training that is actually 28 minutes of fluff and BS. If the video goes for 3 minutes then you get 3 minutes of solid training! I think it only took me about 25 or 30 minutes to watch through all the above list.

Implementing What You Learn In DotComSecretsX

The is the fun part, where the rbber meets the road! Now you’ve watched the training – go and DO IT! Do not decide to sit there and watch all 30 days training at once. Russell has made millions and millions of dollars online but he didn’t make it by just sitting and reading and watching and listening to “stuff” The secret to your success will be if you follow the DotComSecretsX daily training and then take action every single day. Here is how it will work

  • Watch Day 1 Training Inside Your DotComSecrets X Members Area
  • Implement EVERYTHING You Just Learnt In The Training
  • Do the same thing for Day 3 , 4 5 etc
  • Do not move to Day 2 until you have done everything in Day 1
  • If you get stuck Go Back To The Training And Watch It Again


So, What Makes DotComSecretsX Different To All The Other Coaching Programs?

What makes DotComSecretsX different to all the other coaching programs is that Russell has put his money where his mouth is! Have you ever seen a coaching program where you get the first 30 days for just $1 AND that $1 is donated to charity!

Straight off this tells me that Russell Brunson is a genuine good guy. I mean he is giving 30 days of absolute rock solid training that is almost guaranteed to get you making money. Of course the idea is that you will make money in the first 30 days and then continue your membership at $97 per month. Of course you would, wouldn’t you? If you’ve followed the DotComSecretsX training day by day. step by step and started making money, of course you’re going to stay a member! I mean if you can make money in the first 30 days just by doing the basics really well and the right way, how much more money will you make when you start getting into the more more advanced stuff in months 2 and 3. I mean, really, its a no-brainer isn’t it!

So thats it for now about DotComSecretsX.  I’m going to create a new post every few days to let you know how I’m going with the 30 day challenge. I’m also going to make a couple of videos so you can see me log into my account and see for yourself LIVE how its going!

If you would like to join the DotComSecretsX 30 day challenge for just $1 Click Here







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